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List of Ice-Breakers

by Hawke last modified Mar 14, 2018 01:35 PM
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List of Ice-Breakers

Posted by Hawke at March 14. 2018

A Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (TRS) typically goes through about 2000 hours of training as a student working toward the CTRS. A lot of this training includes program plan design, TR methodologies, assessment, documentation, implemntation, evaluation, reassessment (APIED/R), etc.

Also, we receive a LOT of training in ice-breakres and specific game modalities for a wide range of populations, in a wide range of settings, ranging from 1 participant to many sizes of groups (generally trying to keep a ratio of TRS to participants abount 8:1 / 12:1 range when feasible).

I am not aware of a good online list of these ice-breakers and game-related activities. Recently someone brought up the question related to role-playing games, and having some ice breakers that are game-related and appropriate for transitioning to RPG as the primary intervention modality.

If forming a brand new group for a long-term campaign, then the most powerful tool I have seen for building comaraderie between strangers, (BEFORE THEY EVEN START MAKING THEIR OWN CHARACTERS!), is the "House Building Rules" form the Game of Thrones RPG "A Song of Ice & Fire". I have adapted this for Greyhawk and other campaign settings with similarly remarkable results!

Some of the more common activities we use while waiting for everyone to show up for an RPG session, include:

  • We often use drum circles, especially when running LARPs, to help build comfot, direction following, and working collaboratively, through drum circles.
  • For our Middle-earth based campaigns (using D&D, ICE MERP/RM, TOR RPG, or AiME), Cubicle 7's The One Ring Role-Playing Game related "Hobbit Tales From the Green Dragon Inn":
  • There are many other similar story telling card games available on the market now.
  • Of course the classic Munchkin card games, especially if using one that matches the game genre that will be played (classic Munchkin for D&D, Cthulhu Munchkin for Call fo Cthulhu RPG, etc.)
  • Quickly run through a Solo Adventure Book or Module (SABM) as a group. The Facilitator reads aloud, and the group works togethet to make a decision.


There are some listed here (link does not mean endorsement, nor that I have tried any of them, they are here for your benefit to check out, would be great if folks provided feedback if you use any of them):

However, I have multiple large bunders packed full with just such activities. Of course I'm so busy, this is yet another item for my lenghty TODO list, but hoped starting it would encourage others to add to the list. So, here is a starting point. Those of you with additional programs, please add them to the list by posting to this thread. I am posting it hear, rather than Facebook, because on FB it will get buried, while here it will eventually show up in web searches, and have some stability and easily found and linked to. You -only need an account to post, you don't need an account to view.

Next posting will be the beginning of the list from my stuffed notebooks of activities...

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