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The Northwest Recreation Therapy / Therapeutic Recreation Website. This is a community website dedicated to recreation therapy / therapeutic recreation professionals, therapists, students, and specialists in the greater Northwest United States and neighboring Canada.

Here you will find links, videos, audio, downloads, and other resources related to recreation therapy.



Why use this site? Why not just use Facebook, Twitter, etc.? Short answer, this is a non-commercial site, so you won't get spammed, analyzed, targeted, etc. by this site. This is a community site run by the community for the community. So if you are sick of Facebook's lameness, Twitter's limits on characters, etc. Please consider registering on this site.

If you didn't know, if you use Facebook hoping to notify your friends, family, and colleagues about what you do, hoping you could just do it easily from one place, you should know that unless you pay FB money, only a fraction of people actually see your postings. Just FYI. :-)


If you have any problems registering or using this site, please let me know, and it will get taken care of promptly.

Contact: Hawke Robinson

Mobile Phone: (509) 481-5437 (Text okay/preferred)

Email: northwestrt at gmail dot com